Faculty of Medicine Health Science Course duration
Bachelor of  Medicine & Surgery  6  years
Bachelor of Science Medical Radiography                4  years
Bachelor of  Nursing Science 4  years
Bachelor of Health Information Adminstration 3  years
Bachelor of  Public Health  3  years
Bachelor of  Medical  Laboratory Science                   3  years
Bachelor of  Nutrition   3  years
Bachelor of  Midwifery            3  years
Faculty  of Economics & Management Science Course duration
Bachelor of  Public Administration                                3  years
Bachelor of  Business Administration          3  years
Bachelor of  Human Resource Management 3  years
Bachelor of  International Relations 3  years
Bachelor of  Business & Economics 3 years
Bachelor of  Accounting & Finance 3  years
Bachelor of  Logistics 3  years
Faculty of Criminology & Security Studies         Course duration
Bachelor of Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution           3  years
Bachelor  of  Criminology & Security Studies                                3  years
Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Course duration
Bachelor of  Agriculture 3  years
Bachelor of  Veterinary 3  years
Faculty of  Sharia & law Course duration
Bachelor Degree in  Sharia 3  years
Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science      Course duration
Bachelor  of  Computer Science                                 3  years
Bachelor  of  Information Technology   ( IT)           3  years
Bachelor  of  Civil Engineering                                    4  years
Bachelor of Electorical Engeneering 4 years
Faculty  of Mass Media Course duration
Bachelor of  Journalism 3  years
Faculity of Education 3 Years

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